Binocular Vision Training

Physical and Functional Fusion

 For eyes that have difficulty working together, where one or both eyes wander inwards or outwards, it's very important that the cause be diagnosed as early as possible.  If the eyes are left to operate independently, the brain begins to suppress input from the wandering eye, causing the situation to become more entrenched neurologically and ultimately more difficult to rectify.


One of the key goals in wandering eyes is to regain and to maintain physical and functional fusion.  To do so requires that neurological fusion be developed which ultimately helps the eyes to stay aligned physically and functionally, instead of the opposite, to be suppressed and to continue to wander.


As an example, one of the key indicators for neurological fusion is 3D perception or stereopsis.  When both eyes send images to the brain simultaneously, as would occur when the eyes are physically and functionally aligned, the brain's processing of the two overlaid images results in the perception of 3D depth.  On the contrary, in the case of a wandering or suppressed eye, the brain suppresses an eye and no longer receives overlaid images simultaneously, and there is no perception of 3D depth.  


We have the experience and capability of being able to diagnose binocular vision disorders and anomalies.  We also have the experience required to regain and to maintain neurological fusion, the goal of which is to achieve and to maintain physical and functional fusion.  


Please see us for an assessment if you have any difficulties with binocular vision.


Weak Convergence or Divergence

For eyes that possess physical and functional fusion, but that have inadequate convergence or divergence muscle control, binocular vision training is effective in improving eye muscle strength to reduce eyestrain.


As an example, when the eyes do not converge easily, eyestrain can occur while reading.  As treatment, the eye muscles can be trained to increase their capacity to more easily maintain comfortable fusion.


For inadequate convergence or divergence muscle control, it is possible to diagnose and to train the eye muscles for better control and comfort.  


Please see us if you have eyestrain resulting from inadequate control over convergence or divergence.