Helping Children Succeed

Eye See ... Eye Learn® Fribbet

Eye See ... Eye Learn®

A program of the British Columbia Association of Optometrists

WESTWOOD EYE DOCTORS is delighted to participate in Eye See … Eye Learn® to bring good vision and eye care to our Kindergarten patients.


In Eye See … Eye Learn®, Kindergarten children are provided with doctor-delivered eye health and vision care, and when there is a vision disorder, prescription eyeglasses at no charge.


We know that young children’s academic and developmental success depend greatly upon their ability to see clearly and comfortably. We know how important it is that they get a good start in their young lives, and we are determined that there be no financial deterrent barring them from enjoying good vision.


We take this opportunity to thank Essilor Vision Foundation, WestGroupe and 20/20 Accessory Source Ltd. for their generous corporate sponsorship for Eye See … Eye Learn®.


School Districts in partnership with Eye See … Eye Learn® are: Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, Greater Victoria, Central Okanagan and Cowichan Valley.

Eye See ... Eye Learn and Fribbit are registered trademarks of the Alberta Association of Optometrists