At WESTWOOD EYE DOCTORS, we are grateful to our many patients who have come to us and we do rely on positive word of mouth in this community of ours.  If you feel that we have provided a positive experience and you would like to share it, we would very much appreciate an internet comment such as on RateMDs.com or Google. Thank you for your support!



"Takes his time during examination and is very good at resolving difficult problems" (RateMDs.com)


"I've been going to Dr. Mah my entire life and wouldn't choose another if I had to.  He's extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable.  The staff there are top-notch and super friendly, and really go out of their way to inform you about anything eye-related without pressuring you to buy anything. -Marc" (RateMDs.com)


"Have been going to see Dr. Mah for about 16 years, he's very good and very thorough.  The staff are always super nice and willing to always help.  I would highly recommend Dr. Mah." (RateMDs.com)


"Amazing optometrist who examines the child's eye in greater detail than anyone else we have seen before.  Also gave me hope re my son's learning difficulties.  Gotta check him out." (Rate MDs.com)


"I had a very serious problem with one of my eyes on a Sunday.  A visit to local clinics and emergency found many of the former closed.  The balance were extremely busy.  A call through to Dr. Mah's office, although not open, was answered by a staff member doing extra work.  An explanation of my condition resulted in a call through to Dr. Mah at home.  He very willingly offered to meet me at his office to examine my eye.  He diagnosed the problem (Detached retina) which would require timely surgical attention.  With his kind and immediate assistance he was able to have me booked in that day to see an eye physician early the next morning, Monday.  His assistance was both professional and timely.  I am most grateful." (RateMDs.com)



“My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia at an early age and we heard from a friend about Vision Therapy. We attended with Dr. Mah who did an assessment of my son at age 8. We also decided to have our 10 year old daughter assessed. In her testing, we were surprised to learn that she had depth perception issues which we think contributed to her “clumsiness”. Additionally, she would constantly watch TV or look at the computer at an angle with her head slightly turned. After participating in the Vision Therapy program with Dr. Mah’s office, both of our kids took away tools to assist them in tracking when reading and we noticed a great improvement in both of their coordination. My daughter does not turn her head when concentrating on things anymore. The activities were fun for the kids and they didn’t mind taking a few minutes out of each night to get things done.”  - Carrie L. S.